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Tatra Temple

Two hundred eighty ice blocks from Belgium will soon change to the second Tatra Temple of Ice in the hands of skilful sculptors. The frozen beauty was built in Hrebienok last year for the first time. It was fascinating visitors for 82 days and became the hit of the winter season. This is what the Tatra people would like to achieve this year again so this year´s temple should be even bigger and more beautiful.


Having tried ice from Poland last year, sculptors will be using ice from Belgium this time, which is expected to be more resistant. And there will be a special cover over the temple to protect it against vagaries of the weather. The masterpiece of ice will be available free of charge and opened daily until March 2015 and maybe even longer.


The Tatra Temple of Ice was hosting various concerts, weddings and other events in the previous winter season and became a big hit. It helped the Tatras become more famous in Slovakia but also abroad, especially in the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states. More than one hundred visitors who came to the High Tatras had an unforgettable experience. Local people hope that the temple will be enjoying even more freezing days than last year and they will break the turnout record.

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