Amuse yourself with fun tools – adrenalin attractions that guarantee great fun also for non-skiers. Learn to ride a skifox, a snowbike or a snowscoot and frolic to the fullest! 

An original combination of skiing and sledging. They are ideal for non-skiers and those who want to try something new. Locality: Tatranská Lomnica 

A snow bike with mini skis instead of wheels for an adventurous adrenalin ride. Locality: Tatranská Lomnica 

A mixture of BMX and a snowboard where one doesn´t need to have any previous skiing or snowboarding skills. Locality: Tatranská Lomnica

An attraction that offers a fast ride down a snow tube slide and safe fun for all family members. Locality: Hrebienok 

Opening times:
depending on weather conditions (snow cover), every day 10:00am - 04:00pm
Information and reservations:

+421 904 989 717