Vysoké Tatry



25.12.2013 - 6.1.2014 8:30-19:30

The Tatra temple/Hrebienok is a unique church of ice with elements of Tatra nature. It was designed by František Bálek, a Czech sculptor, who makes original sculptures of non-traditional materials such as ice or sand. There is a special roof over the church of ice to protect it from vagaries of winter weather. It is a real giant – almost 28 tonnes of ice were used to make it.


28 tonnes of ice had to be brought to the area of Hrebienok in order to open the first temple of ice in Central Europe on 19th December 2013. 280 pieces of ice blocks changed to a real beauty of ice in hands of twelve sculptors. However, it is not just any temple. It already hosted a special wedding ceremony on 18th December. The masterpiece is open daily and available free of charge.

This winter, the Tatras will leave its visitors speechless again. One of the biggest, most difficult and coldest attractions of the season is the “Tatra temple of ice”. It is a real giant made of 28 tonnes of ice. 12 sculptors were helping build it. It was designed by František Bálek, a sculptor from Plzeň, who tested the temple in person and had his own wedding there on 18th December.

The temple is available free of charge, with background music of world famous composers such as Bach, Mozart or Beethoven playing all the time. It should also host various chamber culture programmes, concerts and even weddings.

Special ice designated for ice sculpting was brought to the Tatras from the Polish Wroclav. It is the biggest temple of ice that has ever been built in Central Europe. There have been similar temples made in Nordic countries or Japan, and smaller constructions in the Alps.

Cold impressions from the interior of the Tatra temple will be balanced by benches covered with fur skin, textile decoration on the ceiling, various lights and crystal chandeliers, which will make the space look fabulous.