Cable cars and selected services in the resorts of Tatranská Lomnica, Starý Smokovec and Štrbské Pleso are going to be available from this Friday 1.5.2020.

We are very happy to finally come with some positive news – the summer operation of cable cars in our resort begins on Friday 1.5.2020. Due to the COVID-19 situation, there will be strict hygiene measures and rules based on instructions of professionals and the cable cars will be operating on selected days only but we deeply hope we´ll get through this together. Please respect all measures in the resort and instructions of our staff. We suggest buying cable car tickets online on GOPASS.SK at least one day prior to your arrival at the resort. Escape the quarantine for a while, travel high to the clouds, relax and recharge your batteries in fresh air. 
Before coming to our resort, please check the opening times of individual facilities and the following cable car safety rules: 

Cableway opening times in individual resorts: 

Tatranská Lomnica - Skalnaté pleso
8:30 - 16:10

Starý Smokovec - Hrebienok
8:30 - 17:30

Štrbské Pleso - Solisko
9:00 - 15:30

Cable car boarding and travelling 


* Cable cars in the resorts: Tatranská Lomnica, Starý Smokovec and Štrbské Pleso are going to be opened from 1.5.2020 as specified above. As for Tatranská Lomnica, the opening applies to cable car sections Tatranská Lomnica - Štart, Štart - Skalnaté Pleso, as for the resort of Starý Smokovec, this applies to the Hrebienok funicular, and as for Štrbské Pleso, the opening applies to the Solisko Expres chairlift only at weekends. The Lomnický štít cable car is closed for maintenance at the moment and is expected to be opened on 9.5.2020 again. The chairlift in Lomnické sedlo should start to operate around mid June. 
* All our cableway staff members will be using protective equipment – face masks, gloves, glasses. 
* Cableways will be disinfected properly every day before and after the operation. 
* The transport capacity in individual cars/on chairs will be adapted as follows: 
- 4-person cable car Štart - Skalnaté Pleso | maximum 2 people
- 15-person cable car Štart - Skalnaté Pleso | maximum 4 people
- 130-person funicular Starý Smokovec - Hrebienok | maximum 8 people in one compartment 
- 4-seater chairlift Štrbské Pleso - Solisko | maximum 2 people
* There will be special lanes leading to all cableway turnstiles. 
* Please keep at least a 2-metre distance when passing turnstiles. 
* Hand sanitizers will be placed next to each boarding zone entrance. Please use them.

Cableway tickets


* Please buy your tickets via in advance. The price is better when compared to ticket offices and it is also safer in today´s situation. 
* The ticket offices and the information centre in Tatranská Lomnica have moved to the orange 6-seater chairlift for safety and preventative reasons. 
* The ticket offices in Starý Smokovec and Štrbské Pleso haven´t changed their locations. 
* There will be special lanes leading to all ticket offices and information centres. 
* When waiting in the lanes, please keep at least a 2-metre distance based on markings on the ground. 
* Please disinfect your hands properly before approaching any ticket office or information centre

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Restaurants and Tatry Motion sport shops


* Restaurants in Skalnaté pleso and Hrebienok are going to operate in a limited way from 1.5.2020. Food and drinks will be distributed through windows on terraces. 
* There will be special lanes leading to the restaurant windows with marked min. 2-metre distances. 
* Disinfectants will be at disposal in front of the windows. 
* Tatry Motion sports shops will be opened in accordance with strict safety measures which were announced by the chief public health officer of the Slovak Republic. 
* Please disinfect your hands before entering any facility in our resorts. 

Platnosť šikovnej sezónky

So starou aj novou sezónkou sa môžete vyviezť lanovkami vo Vysokých Tatrách v čase prevádzkových hodín. Ale pozor, nakoľko zimná sezóna je ukončená a zároveň už platí skialpinistická uzávera, vývoz bude umožnený LEN BEZ LYŽÍ!  Platnosť šikovnej sezónky na všetky lanovky vo Vysokých Tatrách v prevádzke od 1.5.2020 bude do 15.05.2020