A new air route between Riga, the capital of Latvia, and Poprad, is going to start operating in December. Thanks to 70 Baltic travel agencies that participated in workshops in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius, the most attractive regions of Slovakia including the High Tatras, will be known of among Baltic holidayers soon. The tour operators were interested mainly in ski packages with wellness in water parks and spas.


Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian languages should be heard more often in our mountains in the upcoming winter. As a result of a new air route between Riga and Poprad. Transport to destinations that are further than 1,000 km used to be a big obstacle for holidayers and would discourage them from choosing Slovakia. Less than two hours in a plane should solve this problem. What´s more, the transfer from the airport to the nearest hotels in the High Tatras takes 10 minutes and more, which is a big advantage when compared to Alpine destinations.



Holidayers from the Baltic countries are already well known in the High Tatras. In 2013, the Lithuanians were on the tenth place as for the number of visitors. They were mostly coming by buses, however, the number of individual tourists was rising as well. The new air route might help increase the turnout from the Baltics even more.


The new air route between Poprad-Tatry and Riga is going to operate once a week from 13th December 2014 during the whole winter. It is going to be run by the Air Baltic company and Poprad-Tatry airport.