SNOW CAMP Skalnaté pleso

SNOW CAMP Skalnaté Pleso

Do you dare to spend a freezing night in a tent at the altitude of 1,751 metres?

The special adventurous event begins in Tatranská Lomnica, where a snow groomer will be waiting to take you to the final destination - Skalnaté Pleso. There you will put up tents and receive packages of solid instant food. The same kind which professionals use to recharge their batteries when camping in the Himalayas. The whole Snow camp is supervised by a professional instructor who has experience with real snow camping in alpine environment. To make the evening unique, a thematic mountain film will be screened in a cottage. -29°C thermal sleeping bags, special sleeping mattresses and tents designated for extreme conditions will guarantee a non-traditional but safe sleep.

You must have seen it already. The outside temperature is extremely below zero, at high altitudes even lower. But a group of keen alpine tourists needs a place to stay in for the night. They dig holes, set up their tents, turn on gas cylinders to make tea, eat some instant food and enjoy an unforgettable night. This is a scene from many foreign adrenalin films... 


DatePrice at ticket officesOnline at
09.02.2019129€125€ - ONLINE
16.03.2019129€125 - ONLINE

The price includes: 

• 1 night in a bivouac in Skalnaté Pleso

• groomer transport to the camping site

• company of a mountain guide, basic instructions

• camping equipment rental (sleeping bag, tent, sleeping mat...)

• dinner in the form of dehydrated tourist food

• evening programme in the Encián gallery

• breakfast in the restaurant of Skalnaté Pleso

• cable car ticket from Skalnaté Pleso to Tatranská Lomnica


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  • 12.01.2019
  • 25.01.2019
  • 09.02.2019
  • 16.03.2019


• Only adults over 18 years can participate in the Snow Camp!

• Please put warm winter clothes and high hiking shoes on and take spare clothes, thermal underwear and two pairs of gloves with you.

• One layer of thermal underwear and socks are enough for staying inside the tent.

• To book the adventure, please visit the Information centre of Tatranská Lomnica or use online booking on no later than until 03:00pm one day in advance. 

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