The Outlook tower - Skalnaté Pleso

Get as high as 1 754 metres above the sea level to enjoy unforgettable views from the Outlook tower of the Encián Gallery and a unique gastronomy experience served on the tower terrace – a delicious 4-course menu with drinks included in the price. Feast your eyes on the panorama of the High Tatras and Sklanaté pleso in comfort on fur-covered chairs.

After burning some calories while walking up the tower, let us help you replenish some. The meeting is at the Encián Gallery building entrance at 11:15am, a guide will be waiting for you there. The lunch begins at 11:30am and takes 1.5 hour.

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Every Monday - Wednesday and Friday - 69 € / adult

* There is a 100% money back guarantee in case of cancellation due to bad weather conditions.

**Please choose the main course and specify other wishes of yours when booking by phone or by email.
Phone no.:  +421 903 112 200
The main course cannot be changed on the day of the event. Thank you for your understanding.


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Doprajte si zážitkový večer na Skalnatom Plese

Večera pod hviezdami 1751 m n.m. -->

Pozrite si podmienky a pravidlá pred vstupom na lanovky a do prevádzok v strediskách Vysokých Tatier. **Sedačková lanová dráha na trase SKALNATÉ PLESO - LOMNICKÉ SEDLO je dňa 22.9. MIMO PREVÁDZKU z dôvodu nepriaznivého počasia.