Ďakujeme vám za veľký záujem o tento jedinečný Silvester na Hrebienku. Kapacity sú už žiaľ vypredané. Odporúčame vám však Silvester v Humno Tatry, alebo v niektorom z našich TMR hotelov vo Vysokých Tatrách.

New Year's Eve in Hrebienok

Oldies párty rádia VLNA

Welcome the New Year on a grand scale and feast your eyes on the stunning panorama of the Tatras, covered with snow and illuminated by New Year´s fireworks. Celebrating New Year´s Eve in the area of Hrebienok means enjoying great fun in the embrace of beautiful nature. Spend the last hours of this year with fantastic music, delicious food and a magical atmosphere. Take a comfortable funicular from Starý Smokovec at 6:30pm and warm up with a hot welcome drink served at the funicular station. The evening will be hosted by Milan Švikruha, a popular presenter of the Vlna Radio, music hits at the special Oldies party in the Hrebienok restaurant will be played by DJ Maťo. The New Year´s Eve buffet will be full of tasty specialities all night long and fans of competitions can look forward to a raffle with attractive prizes. And while enjoying all the fun, don´t miss the Tatra Temple of Ice, where ice sculpting masters changed tonnes of ice to a fabulous copy of the Notre Dame cathedral. Let´s welcome the New Year together in Hrebienok, with a glass of sparkling wine in the hand and a sight for sore eyes. The funicular will be prepared to transport you back to Starý Smokovec at 1:00am and 2:00am of the Happy New Year. 


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