Cathedral of St. Jacob • Santiago de Compostela

Hrebienok - High Tatras

Spend a beautiful winter time in the Tatras and enjoy the Tatra Teple of Ice in Hrebienok. Follow the "scallop" shell, which is an integral symbol of all visitors of Composteta de Santiago in Spain. The famous pilgrimage site is a symbol of a new beginning and the muse of this year's ice project. This year, you can look forward to precise work and striking details that will enhance the experience of visiting the ice temple.

Ultreia a Buen camino!

The journey is the goal. Here’s to new beginnings.

We have gone through difficult times. The present-day situation in the world has influenced all of us. Some things are gone, but some have been born. Everything is changeable. Life is a cycle, everything changes, develops, grows, multiplies and gets reduced. Every moment in our lives is unrepeatable. The uniqueness of existence and the unstoppable cycle are Alpha and Omega of this year’s project.

The Temple of Ice in the Tatras is always inspired by world-famous buildings and this year is no exception. The cathedral that was our project model is part of the UNESCO world heritage. It represents the Romanesque architecture but includes Gothic and Baroque elements as well. Several sculptors and wood carvers from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the USA have been working on the masterpiece and talented Adam Bakoš is the main architect again.

Skilled hands are changing an unbelievable number of 1,880 blocks of ice, i.e. more than 225 tonnes in total to a beautiful piece of art. The temple of ice is protected by a cover with a 25-metre-diameter this year too and the highest point of the creation is 12 metres high.

The jubilee year of 2021 stresses the meaning of the cathedral symbolically

Many of us carry a ,,burden,, inside and want to get rid of it

The unique construction of ice is a true work of art. The heart of Hrebienok contains several precise details and iconic elements. But there is also a deep meaning included. The cathedral which has served as the source of inspiration is a significant pilgrimage site, so the year of 2021 emphasises its appeal even more. The main idea of pilgrimage is for everybody to find themselves again, to get closer to nature, meet new people and open their heart to new life. The jubilee year of 2021, which comes after long 11 years, stresses the meaning of the cathedral symbolically. They say: “Everybody who visits the temple and enters its gates comes out as a new person. Clean and born again.” Many of us carry a burden inside and want to get rid of it, let it be and move on without it.

Koncerty v ľadovom kráľovstve

Hudobné symfónie rozozvučia steny ľadového chrámu už 28.novembra

A comfortable funicular operates to Hrebienok to the Tatra Temple from the station of Starý Smokovec and tickets can be purchased comfortably at the ticket office of Starý Smokovec or advance online on gopass.travel.

Covid measures before entering the Tatra Temple of Ice

Current measures and regulations in the Tatra Temple of Ice on Hrebienok.

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Prevádzka lanoviek a Tatranského ľadového dómu je od 25.novembra, až do odvolania, uzatvorená. Ďakujeme