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Tešíme sa na Vašu návštevu už budúcu zimnú sezónu!

27/11/2015 – 17/4/2016 / Hrebienok

The biggest and coldest attraction of this winter in the Tatras is being opened on 27/11/2015!

The Tatra Temple, a unique church of ice with elements of Tatra nature has got a brand-new design. The basilica will be covered by a special roof that helps it resist the vagaries of winter weather.

The author and main architect of this year´s temple of ice is Adam Bakoš from Slovakia. From 12th December, he was “taming” blocks of ice along with his colleagues and helpers. They had to process almost 70 tonnes of ice in difficult conditions. The construction of the Tatra Temple began one month earlier this year. It is bigger and the design has been changed completely. It will be welcoming the visitors with a beautiful Baroque style and the biggest attraction in the form of floral stained glass of ice, which was made by renowned florist Róbert Bartolen. 

29/11/2015     1st Advent concert in the Tatra Temple

A rich programme which is prepared for the Tatra Temple will add a touch of unforgettable magic and luxury. Every Sunday, the temple will be hosting beautiful concerts and help create a unique atmosphere. 

Last winter, the temple was the TOP attraction of the season visited by 165,000 people.