Discover the beauty of Lomnický štít at the altitude of 2634 m!

Take a suspension cableway to the peak of Lomnický štít and enjoy an unforgettable view from above. Enter the kingdom of silence and have a rest in our stylish café Dedo. The majestic and elegant “Dedo” (=grandpa), as it used to be called by old Tatra inhabitants, had been the highest peak of the High Tatras from of old. Only in 1837 did it lose its primacy to the peak of Gerlachovský štít. However, it has remained the “King of the Tatras”, like the Polish would refer to it, the most popular and most beautiful Tatra peak.

Lomnický peak during the day

Seat reservations and tickets to Lomnický štít can be purchased 7 days in advance at ticket offices of the cableways in Tatranská Lomnica (lower station of the cableway) or online on Take a 4-seater cableway from Tatranská Lomnica to Skalnaté pleso (1751 m above sea level), where you can take a walk or have some refreshment in our restaurant with beautiful views of the surrounding country. And then take a unique red suspension cableway to the peak itself.

Night at Lomnicky peak

Enjoy a unique possibility to spend a night in the highest located suite in Central Europe – at Lomnický štít, at the altitude of 2,634 m, with a beautiful view of most peaks of the High Tatras, surrounding nature and the night sky. For more information visit... 


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