Infocentre Tatranská Lomnica

Infocentre is located in Tatranska Lomnica on the left side of the entrance to the cabin cable car to Skalnate pleso.

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Contacts: +421 903 112 200 │

FAX: +421 52 446 7618

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday │ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Infocentre Štrbské Pleso

Infocentre is situated opposite the Hotel FIS, directly under the ski-jumps.


Contacts: +421 52 321 0217 │ +421 917 682 260 |

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday │ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm





Where we can buy the tickets?
The tickets you can buy at the cash desks in the particular resort as well as in Infocentre in Tatranska Lomnica. 

Is it possible to reserve tickets to Lomnicky peak?
The tickets to Lomnicky peak you can buy (ticket together with place ticket) through online reservation system on as well as at the cash desks and Infocentre in Tatranska Lomnica and on Skalnate pleso. 

Where can I get fresh information about cable cars' operation?
Information about operation of cable cars you can find on our web site, in Infocentre or on +421 903 11 22 00 and +421 902 44 24 00.

Is the insurance also included in the price of tickets, or do I have to make separate insurance? If so, where?
The price of ticket for cabl car does not include insurance for case you need assistance of Mountain resue service in High Tatras. If you would like to make insurance for hiking, you can arrange it in Infocentre of in Tatranska Lomnica, or in other infocentres in High Tatras. 

How many people in a group need to be to get any discount?
The minimum amount of people in a group is 20, and you get 5 % discount for return tickets Tatranska Lomnica - Skalnate pleso. There are no discounts for tickets Skalnate pleso - Lomnicky peak.

Is it possible to get discount together with other discount?
No, this is not possible. Combined prices are not possible.



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