Welcome to a place of adventure and pleasant moments. A holiday spent in the High Tatras counts among the best experiences that you can have in Slovakia. The region of the High Tatras is located in a protected environment of the Tatra National park and formed by districts of Poprad and Kežmarok. The area under the Tatras is divided between two regions - Liptov and Spiš, offering many opportunities to spend free time effectively. The region under the Tatras is formed by the Tatra National Park (TANAP) and the National Parks Pieniny, Low Tatras and Slovak Paradise. The administrative unit of the town High Tatras is formed by 15 separate settlements. TANAP was declared a Biosphere reserve Tatras, which protects, develops and supports the ecosystem and landscape´s diversity.




10 reasons to visit the region

·         Every Slovak should know this jewel and experience it in person, not only read about it.

·         The area is busy with tourists so you won´t be bored here. 

·         Relaxing with a computer is OUT but relaxing in fresh air is IN. TIP: Free WiFi at Lomnický štít (peak) ;)

·         You will keep your feelings and experiences from alpine hikes for ever.

·         Skiing on the highest located, longest and steepest slope is not enough?

·         And how about wellness in Tatra Grand hotels and local culinary specialities?

·         The historical town of Kežmarok and its unique articular church is enlisted in UNESCO, the famous altar in Levoča and other sights in the region of Spiš will provide a clear answer to you.

·         Lovers of golf will appreciate a 27-hole golf course in Veľká Lomnica, fans of water parks will fall for Tatralandia, Bešeňová or Poprad.

·         Botanical garden, Museum of TANAP, galleries under the Tatras, caves, open-air museums and sports attractions will keep you busy and brighten your moments in the Tatras up.

·          How about rafting down the river of Dunajec in the Pieniny Mts., on the dam of Liptovská Mara across the region or enjoying a view of the peaks high in the sky? Everything is possible! In a beautiful environment of the Tatra National Park, you will be accompanied by protected animals, endemic species and people with smiling faces.  



There are around 600 kilometres of marked tourist trails in the territory of TANAP, which will take you to the highest peaks. Conquer the Tatras, surmount yourself. This could be the leading motto as the Tatras are for everyone. Whether you are young, handicapped in any way or enjoying retirement, staying in the High Tatras will have a positive effect on you. You can choose to go hiking on your own or with a mountain guide, walk along easy trails or take a cable way to get to your destination in all comfort. 





Cyclotourism popular and sought after abroad, has found its place in Slovakia, too. A manifold net of Tatra cycle tracks will please even the most demanding fans of this activity. Enjoy the perfect adrenaline on wheels in the Bike Park in Starý Smokovec or while inline skating in Lopušná dolina near Svit.







Non-traditional mountain scooters, scooters, nordic walking, flying in the sky, paragliding, sightseeing flights, tennis, squash, golf, bowling, geocauching, bungee jumping, go-carts, four-wheelers, nautic jet, aqua roller, archery, horse riding, boating on Štrbskom plese (tarn) or rafting down the river of Dunajec, rope parks, bobsleigh track and other interesting activities and events are there for you throughout  the whole year.






Alpine conditions in the area initiated the establishment of climatic spa, healing sanatoriums and healing spa centres. Staying in the area of the Tatras has been sought after mainly due to the healing effects on  health and body. Find your inner balance in the Tatra wellness centres, based on a pure mountain-like atmosphere and therapeutic effects.




Where to go in the region under the Tatras?


Those who care about the past of the region will be happy to discover the history of the so called Gothic route. It is the first thematic cultural-excursion route of its kind in Slovakia. We suggest you start in the heart of the Spiš region – dominant  Spiš castle, Spiš Chapter, sacral church in Žehra, then proceed to Červený Kláštor, castle of Ľubovňa, Levoča with the highest wooden altar in the world, then to Kežmarok (articular church with a nail) and finally to the square of Poprad – Spiššká Sobota. 



 The largest town of the Spiš region -  Poprad, has been called the Entrance gate to the High Tatras due to its location. The area around the present town was settled in prehistoric times and you can find a copy of a travertine cast of the braincase of the Neanderthal man in the exposition of the Podtatranské Museum in Poprad. Admire paintings in the gallery of Poprad – old “Power plant“ or history and nature of the High Tatras in the Museum of TANAP in Tatranská Lomnica.

The region under the Tatras is famous for many sights of folk architecture, typical for the region of Zamagurie (Ždiar, Osturňa) or Liptov (Východná, Pribylina, Zuberec), reflecting all traditional elements. 


Thermal swimming pools and aquapark attract families with children mainly. Come to relax in Tatralandia, the largest area of water sports in the region of Liptov opened all year-around. It is a perfect place for relaxing and finding peace. Thermal springs in Bešeňová, Vrbov or Ružbachy can help with many health problems.



Caves of Demänová, along with Dobšinská, Važecká and Belianska, which is located right in the Tatras, is just within a stone´s throw from all alpine resorts.

Besides hiking in the High Tatras, one might find ridge hikes attractive too – along the ridge of the Western and Belianske Tatra Mts. or the Low Tatras with beautiful panoramic views of our majestic High Tatras.