Mini Funpark

Starý Smokovec

*Otvorenie letnej prevádzky bude dňa 16.6.2018

The Mini Funpark in Starý Smokovec offers great fun for all family members and flawless relaxation. Before a trip with a legendary funicular, treat yourself to moments of peace, some refreshment and let your kids frolic on a mini train, a trampoline, a slide or with archery. The Mini Funpark is an ideal place for waiting and recharging one´s batteries before an adventurous journey to the High Tatras.

* All Tatry Motion attractions are closed in bad weather. 

* Find us at the lower funicular station in Starý Smokovec. 

We look forward to welcoming you.

Opening hours and Price list

10:00 - 17:00 

Trampoline5 min / 1€ | 15 min / 2€
Little Train5 min / 2€
Archery1 set / 2€ | 20 min / 5€

Head of the staff: Peter Kapolka, +421 911 748 259 |
Contacts: +421 911 403 700 |