This year again, families with children can enjoy non-traditional adventures with the eco-friendly project of the Tatra Wilderness, now in a new upgraded format. It is more interesting again, more exciting but still full of tempting adventures in the whole Tatras.

Children can discover the most beautiful and most interesting places in the Tatras in an amusing and educational way. Our 4 well-known animal friends – Jurko the Marmot, Karol the Eagle, Kubo the Bear and Pirin the Chamois will be their guides and helpers.

This time, there are 7 adventures and 5 free-time tasks called “Play with us”. It is not only children but also adults who can experience a lot of fun in the Tatras with a workbook which is full of tempting stories and adventures. Besides unforgettable moments, the Tatra Wilderness offers a competition with great prizes every month this summer.

1. A PANCAKE ADVENTURE OF TATRA ANIMALS, Tatranská Lomnica – area around the Apres ski bar

Animals have always been big eaters. And they all know that the best pancakes in the Tatras are served in the Apres ski bar. So they went there to enjoy their favourite delicacy. As they were eating, they got distracted by the delicious taste and got lost. If you look around properly, you will find them and learn something about them. You will see what differences there are between them. But your task is to discover what they have in common.

2. THE STORY OF AN EAGLE, Lomnické sedlo

In the saddle of Lomnické sedlo, there is a story hidden. A story about an eagle who met a snake one day. Read it, and learn something. But it won´t be easy! Firstly, you need to walk from the lower station of the chairlift, which operates to Lomnické sedlo (saddle), up to Mt. Veľká Lomnická veža. On the way up, keep your eyes open and look for boards with pictures, which will help you solve a riddle and solve a cipher. There is a mysterious Wheel of Truth hidden in the area of Lomnické sedlo. If you enter the solved cipher properly, the Wheel will show you the missing parts of the story and you will find out if the meeting of the eagle and the snake ended happily.


Our mischievous friend, Pirin the Chamois, had an important message he wanted to share with us. As he was walking around the tarn of Skalnaté pleso, the letter fell out of his pocket and was torn into several pieces by the wind. The only one who saw where the letter pieces were flying was Karol the Eagle. As he is an old military veteran, he noted GPS coordinates of all places where the pieces fell. Do you want to know what Pirin´s message was about? Come to Skalnaté Pleso, enter the coordinates of the pieces into your navigation and help our chamois friend find and put them together.



Tatra animals come up with new mischievous games every day. One day they decided to play hide-and-seek at a new children´s playground in the area of Skalnaté Pleso. If you can find all of them and write their names into boxes in your workbook correctly, you will solve the riddle of this “hide-and-seek” adventure and get the word you are looking for.


As long as the Tatras remember, animals from the valley of Javorová dolina have been living together in peace and harmony. Sometimes, they have a petty quarrel of course but every time they can solve it themselves. They punish the mean, mock the lazy and drive the nasty away from their valley so that all unwanted visitors never came back again. One day, they came up with an idea to choose one representative from among them who would decide all quarrels fairly and would have to be obeyed by other animals perfectly. If you want to know how the legend continues, solve this adventure. Take a walk from Hrebienok to the Waterfalls of Studený potok (brook) and follow the indicia carefully.

6. A VISIT FROM TATRA FORESTS, Hrebienok – Skalnaté Pleso

Walking along the main tourist trail between Skalnaté Pleso and the Waterfalls of Studený potok (brook) means enjoying one of the most beautiful hiking trips in the Tatras. Our four animal friends know it too and made a trip there one day. But they wanted to have more fun and so they took another inhabitant of the Tatras with them. Do you want to know who it was? Walk along the same trail and meet our animal friends. Each of them will give you a hint. In the end, you will find out who their new friend was.


Do you know what the area of Solisko (salt lick) is named after? This is what our friend, Jurko the Marmot wanders about as well. He couldn´t reveal the secret yet. Will you help him? Follow the map of Štrbské Pleso on the way from the tarn to the chalet and look for indicia. Every indication is actually a picture. Let´s go!

Dobrodružné víkendy

28.06. - 01.09. 2019 | Skalnaté pleso

Počas letných prázdnin je pre vaše deti pripravený víkendový animačný program od piatku až do nedele na Skalnatom plese pod názvom "Dobrodružné víkendy". V piatok budú mať vaše deti možnosť spoznať prírodu, vypočuť si zaujímavé rozprávanie o Tatrách, zvieratkách a rastlinách v okolí Skalnatého plesa so skutočným strážcom prírody. Každú sobotu budú môcť zažiť pravú tatranskú zábavu s maskotmi a animátormi. Takisto sa budú môcť zapojiť do programu kamzíčej olympiády a  do rôznych súťaží o skvelé ceny. V nedeľu ich budú čakať tatranské tvorivé dielne, ktorých podstatou je maľovanie a kreatívna tvorba diel na tému tatranských rozprávok a povestí. 

Každý piatok    - 12:00 - 15:00   - Divočina so strážcom prírody 

Každú sobotu  - 12:00 - 15:00  -  Kamzíčia olympiáda pre deti

Každú nedeľu  - 12:00 - 15:00  - Tatranské tvorivé dielne pre deti



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