Electric Scooter rental

Štrbské Pleso • Tatry Motion Shop

Electric scooters are the ideal means of transport for discovering the area comfortably, quickly and deftly. They are suitable for all family members. Rent an electric scooter and spend a day full of great fun in the High Tatras.

  • Great fun
  • A helmet included in the rental price
  • Easy to ride
  • Suitable for every kind of dry terrain

Description and safety:

Scooters are designed to be ridden on asphalt roads and paved forest and dirt roads. Due to the construction, scooters are not meant for open terrain.

To rent a scooter, one must be older than 18 years, at least 150cm tall and weigh no more than 130 kg.

While driving a scooter, every driver must wear a safety helmet. Knee and elbow pads, back protectors, reinforced gloves and stout shoes are recommended too.

One scooter can be used by one person only. The motor power is 250 – 1000W, the maximum speed cannot exceed 25 km/h.

Štrbské Pleso – Tatry Motion Shop rental

  • Find designated trails for electric scooters on the map.
  • n bad weather, all Tatry Motion attractions are closed.
  • For the opening times, please see the attached price list.


Responsible manager: Helena Ryšová, +421 910 738 035, helena.rysova@tmr.sk

Rental contact details: +421 904 878 817, atrakcietl@tatrymotion.sk

Kde nájdem požičovňu?

Požičovňa bicyklov a elektrokolobežiek sa nachádza pri turistickej ubytovni na Štrbskom Plese a je súčasťou športového obchodu Tatry Motion - Vist Shop.