10 - 11 February 2024 - Tatranská Lomnica
Eskimo weekend of fun under the Lomnicky Peak

Enjoy a unique experience at the Snow Dogs event again this year on 10th and 11th February in our beautiful mountains, this fun event will take place directly under the fabulous Lomnicky Peak in Tatranská Lomnica in the Maxiland area next to the Apresski bar.
Entrance to the event is free for all.

Make your little ones' weekend in the snowy surroundings of Tatranská Lomnica in the company of man's best friends. Get to know this unconventional sport but also the way of transport in the countries of hard winter and let yourself be drawn into the atmosphere of life at the North Pole. 

With your family you will be able to enjoy 2 days full of competitions, fairy tales, dog performances, avalanche games or experience a great family skiing on the slopes of the Tatranská Lomnica resort.  Children, like true explorers, will be able to take part in expeditions to the far-flung corners of the icy landscape. During Saturday and Sunday, an adventurous expedition from pole to pole is prepared for them, which is full of fun tasks. 

The avalanche dogs and their handlers from the Mountain Rescue Service will also show their skills in a real-life example, trying to track down and then rescue a "victim" who is trapped under an avalanche - will they succeed? Come and see for yourself and experience the real intervention of the Mountain Rescue Service with their helpers. 

This is what a day full of fun looks like during the Snow Dogs in Tatranská Lomnica