Venetian Night in Štrbské Pleso

20nd July 2024

The peaceful surface of Štrbské pleso (tarn) becomes “Venice of the Tatras” on 20nd July 2024. The name was not chosen at random only. The Venetian night used to be organised by tourists and local inhabitants as a relaxing late-afternoon event combined with boating, music and good food in previous decades. This is the eight time that Štrbské pleso is going to offer an original Venetian atmosphere. Enjoy a great event full of romance and a varied programme on a unique summer evening. The Venetian night atmosphere is going to be emphasised by Baroque costumes, attractive mirror sculptures and a special music programme. Everything is going to take place in front of the Kempinski hotel next to Štrbské pleso and at a boat pier.

22 wooden boats are going to wait at the pier to set out for the tarn surface during the event. The tickets can be purchased at the pier.


2:30 pm – HARPIST: Lucia Tarnóczy – gentle harp tones

3:20 pm – host Rado Kuric – grand event opening

3:30 pm – Jozef Benedik – Italian and Slovak evergreens 

4:10 pm – Rado Kuric 

4:20 pm – Kristína Vrecková

5:00 pm – BABJAK SIBLINGS – Martin Babjak, Terezia Kružliaková, Ján Babjak and Daniel Buranovský

6:00 pm – Mirka Partlová and Dárius Koči, greetings from the National Theatre of Bratislava

7:30 pm – Andrea Súlovská and her band

8:30 pm – End of programme

Boating on the surface of Štrbské pleso (tarn) will take place from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Refreshments, Italian wine and specialities will be available at the Solisko**** Hotel all day long.

See how the last editions of the Venetian Night in Štrbské Pleso looked like.