The Tatra Temple of Ice is open to the public (9:00 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.) during the week (9:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.), free entry.


Hrebienok - High Tatras

The most visited attraction in the High Tatras is back! The Tatra Temple of Ice in Hrebienok is open from 17.11.2023! And the theme of the 11th edition has been unveiled! This year’s temple will be inspired by a monumental cultural monument in London – Westminster Abbey. British kings have been crowned in the royal Gothic-style temple since 1066 and more than 3,300 people are buried there including various members of the royal family and significant personalities such as Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking.  

The theme is no coincidence 

We have decided to pay tribute to the 15th anniversary of the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to Slovakia and the High Tatras and Westminster Abbey is the place where Queen Elizabeth II and also present King Charles III were crowned. 

Tatra Temple of Ice in numbers  

  • 225 tonnes of ice used  
  • 1,880 blocks of ice  
  • Main builder: Adam Bakoš  
  • Sculpting team from 4 countries – Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland  
  • The highest point of the Temple – 11.5 metres  
  • Diameter of the dome-shaped cover – 25 metres  

New: Random visitors can take unique collector’s souvenirs home – commemorative mini Tatra Temple of Ice balls of glass.  

  • Every day from 17.11.2023 to 14.4.2024, one mini ball of glass will fall out in a random location.  
  • The times of the ball release will be published on the resort website and also in the Temple on a one-hand clock.  
  • There are 3 locations where the mini balls can fall out. 
  • Everybody who finds/catches one of the balls can keep it, of course.  

Interesting things that can be found in the Tatra Temple of Ice  

  • Crown Jewel miniatures  
  • Coronation chair of ice (where visitors can have a picture taken)  
  • Royal crown of glass made by glassmaker and designer Achilleas Sdoukos  
  • A letter to the visitors of the Tatra Temple of Ice from the Dean of Westminster Abbey  

In addition to the above mentioned, photos of the precious visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip to Slovakia and the High Tatras will be displayed in front of the basilica of ice.  

11 concerts are planned to take place in the Tatra Temple of Ice during the season. 

Ceremoniál sklenenej guľôčky

Concerts in the Tatra Temple of Ice

at 15:00

26.11.2023, Šafolka
The main goal of the youth singing band is to revive, develop and preserve traditional folk culture. Their repertoire consists of traditional songs of the Smižany village as well as surrounding villages in the Spiš region, but they like singing songs of regions like Šariš, Zemplín and others. 

3.12.2023, Tereza Králiková
The musical and chanson singer works as a teacher at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno and the Conservatory in Banská Bystrica. She sings in musical groups of different genres.  

10.12.2023, Barbora Piešová

The Slovak singer and composer won the 6th edition of the SuperStar TV show. In 2020, she was awarded as the Discovery of the Year and the Female Singer of the Year at the RUKA HORE AWARDS. 

17.12.2023, Swingers!
The group of young musicians from Košice sings specific versions of songs of well-known Slovak and international authors of various genres such as jazz and swing. 

30.12.2023, Sony & Lucy
The girl duo, i.e. Soňa Červeňáková and Lucia Slobodová, sings two-part songs accompanied by acoustic guitars and composed by them or cover-versions of popular melodies.  

6.1.2024, Choir of St. Cecilia from Košice 
The choir was created by 10 enthusiastic amateur singers and started to perform at church services in the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth in Košice occasionally. It won several international awards at the prestigious Festival de Picardie church choir competition and received the “Fra Angelico” award from the Science, Education and Culture Council of the Bishop Conference of Slovakia for its extraordinary contribution in the field of Christian music.  

18.2.2024, Duo CriSmi
The young talented siblings – Michal and Kristína come from a music family. Kristína has a beautiful velvety voice and Michal is a talented guitar player, which makes them the perfect duo.  

25.2.2024, Radka Križanová
She participated in the 1st edition of the Voice of Czecho-Slovakia show, where she reached the semi-finals and sang in Michal David’s team. Today, she is the lead singer of the Stay Tuned band and cooperates with guitarist Roman Mečiar and piano player Zdenko Huszárik at other times. In addition, she is one of the singers of the ABBA Symphonic Show project. 

3.3.2024, Teri Čikoš
Terézia Čikošová, known as TERI ČIKOŠ, is a Slovak singer, actress, presenter, composer and teacher. Her songs are regularly among the top-played songs in Slovakia. Together with the IMT SMILE band, she sang the vocals for the “Anymore” song from one of the films made by Evita Urbaníková. 

10.3.2024, Martin Babjak
He was the pride of the Slovak National Theatre Opera ensemble since 1989. Victory in the prestigious Pavarotti competition catapulted him into the Slovak opera elite instantly. He stacked up against international competition too and studied all significant roles of the baritone repertoire.  

31.3.2024, BRIOSO children’s choir  

The choir was established in the BRIOSO Private Art School of Žilina in September 2021 and has already shot two music videos – Skye Boat Song and Krásne a veselé (Merry Christmas) with Tomáš Bezdeda. This year, the choir was very successful at the “Academic Banská Bystrica” International Competition Festival, where it won the category of secondary school choirs and the rector’s award. Victory in the A2 category of children’s choirs under 16 years at the International Festival of Choirs in Olomouc has been the biggest success so far. 

A comfortable funicular operates to Hrebienok to the Tatra Temple from the station of Starý Smokovec and tickets can be purchased comfortably at the ticket office of Starý Smokovec or advance online on gopass.travel.