Enjoy a morning corduroy and a rich breakfast

Lomnické sedlo and Furkotka

The unique FRESH TRACK product combines early morning skiing with perfectly groomed slopes and an exceptional breakfast under the peaks.

Ski on fresh corduroy before the lifts officially start! With the Fresh Track programme, you'll start your day actively. Be on the slopes before the slopes open and be the first to enjoy the perfectly groomed slopes. After skiing, breakfast will be ready for you on the slopes to replenish lost energy and morning coffee will get your day off to a great start. The activity is suitable for good skiers who will enjoy carving down the morning "Manchester" on the "black" slopes. 


Thursday | Saturday | Sunday  


Furkotka ski slopes at Štrbské Pleso: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday  
Lomnické sedlo ski slopes: Sunday (*depending on favourable weather conditions)


no later than 15:00 on the previous day.


7:00 Registration at the Client Centre (Tatranská Lomnica or Štrbské Pleso)

7:00 Pick up test skis free of charge in / Intersport rent & service TL / Intersport Rent ŠP 
 * Number of test skis is limited
 * booking a day in advance:
  - Intersport Rent & Service Tatranská Lomnica | +421 911 693 921
  - Intersport Rent & Service Štrbské Pleso | +4219 10 737 988

7:10 Meeting with a ski guide at the Client Centre (Tatranská Lomnica or Štrbské Pleso)

7:15 Boarding the cable car

9:00 Breakfast in the mountain restaurant


Štrbské Pleso / Tatranská Lomnica

ONLINE - Gopass.travelkúpiť online →49,-€
OFFLINE - Pokladňa 59,-€


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Skiing at Lomnické Sedlo, this weekend April 20th-21st! The freeride zone is closed.

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