Restaurant & Café Panorama

The renovated Panorama restaurant on Skalnat Pleso, furnished in an industrial style, is guaranteed to offer you a breathtaking panoramic view not only of the surrounding Tatra peaks, but also of the Poprad basin. Enjoy a great meal and share the experience with your loved ones. The warmth of the Tatra sun can be felt on the terrace, which is available both in the winter and summer season.

LOCATION: Skalnaté Pleso (tarn), 1 751 m n.m., Tatranská Lomnica

OPEN: during the cable car operating hours

Panorama Café

The lower part of the Panorama Restaurant, Bistro Skalnaté pleso has undergone a significant renovation and a new Panorama Café has been created. The tasteful, elegant interior of the café is complemented by a magical view of Skalnaté pleso. 

If you are looking for the right place to relax after skiing or hiking, the Panorama Café, saturated with the aroma of fresh coffee and desserts, offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, accompanied by pleasant music, is definitely the right choice! 

For young visitors, there is a children's corner where children can play and develop their skills at the same time.


Panorama restaurant - Skalnaté Pleso