1. Consideration of other participants - Everyone on the skiing track is obliged to behave in such way that he/she shall not endanger health or life, or shall not cause damage to him/her or to other person.

2. Speed control and the way of skiing - Každý návštevník musí jazdiť na trati rýchlosťou a spôsobom zodpovedajúcim svojim schopnostiam, podmienkam a počasiu.

3. Selection of the skiing direction - Skier in behind must select his skiing direction in such way that he shall not endanger the skier skiing in from of him. The skier skiing behind the other skier must keep sufficient distance leaving the skier in from of him free area for direction and method of skiing.

4. Overtaking - Overtaking may be done from the right side as well as from the left side in such way that the skier being overtaken must have sufficient area for direction and method of skiing.

5. Entry onto the track and start after stopping - Skier that enters the skiing track or wants to continue in skiing after stopping is obliged to make certain of the fact that no other person is approaching from above or from beneath to avoid endangering himself or other person.

6. Stopping and waiting - Skier is not allowed to stop and wait unreasonably on narrowed and blind parts of the skiing track. Skier that felled down must leave such place as fast as he can.

7. Ascent and descent - Person ascending or descending the skiing track must use the track-side.

8. Observance of markings - Skier must observe the marking on the skiing track.

9. Providing of assistance - The skier is obliged to provide assistance during accident on the skiing track and to announce the accident to authorized person. Accidents must be reported to an authorized person such as Mountain Rescue Service or Resort employees).

10. Safety of the skiing equipment - Skier is allowed to use the skiing equipment only in status assured by producer for safe usage of the product and assured against self-acting release of the skis or other part of the skiing equipment.

11. Provision of personal details People who witness to or are actively involved in an accident must give their identity to the Mountain Rescue Service or resort employees.

12. Entering the closed ski slopes before and after the lift operation hours is strictly forbidden - there is danger of injuries from piste-grooming machines having a cable winch.


13. The first ski / snowboard lessons

The first ski / snowboard lessons (i.e. lessons when the skier doesn´t use ski lifts or other transport facilities and walks up the slope) shall be performed outside the following areas not suitable for this purpose:


lower 200m of the slope no. 3 Čučoriedky západ (west) and the slope no. 4 Čučoriedky východ (east), lower 400m of the slope no. 1 Štart západ (west) and the slope no. 1 Štart východ (east), lower 200m of the slope no. 9 Buková hora


lower 150m of the slope no. 3 Interski 1 and lower 150m of the slope no. 2 Esíčko


14. Promotional and business activities on the ski slopes - Restriction to use the ski slopes and stop ways of ski areas for promotional purposes (for e.g. placement of stalls, advertising equipment, etc.) without the operator permission. Restriction to provide business activities on the ski slopes and ski stop ways without operator permission and appropriate permissions 


Each visitor of the resort has an obligation to become familiar with these principles and general behavior guidelines on the ski slopes. By entering the ski slope and/or taking the mountains transport facilities in the resort these principles and guidelines are becoming mandatory for everyone. 

Tatry mounatin resorts, a.s. and Štrbksé Pleso resort, s.r.o. as the resort operators reserves the rights to prohibit the entrance on the ski slopes to the person breaking the principles and guidelines and also prohibit to use the services of mountain transport facilities in the particular day by blocking the skipass for this person, in case of any breaking of the principles and guidelines notified in the White Code and general guidelines of the operator after prior notice.

Approved by the skiing track operator in Tatranská Lomnica, dated on 16.10.2008

    End of the ski season at Štrbské Pleso from 15 April 2024.Cable cars from 15.4. to 21.4. 2024 are open only for pedestrians.

    Dear visitors, please check the technical maintenance of the cable cars.

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