Cable car to Lomnické sedlo

If you are thinking about a cable car trip to Skalnaté Pleso, pay a 5 EUR surcharge on (or 6 EUR at the ticket office) and take the highest located chairlift in Slovakia to Lomnické sedlo (saddle, 2,190 m a.s.l.).  A 6-seater chairlift* operates from the lower station in Tatranská Lomnica to the Štart interchange station and from there a new 15-person gondola cable car continues to Skalnaté Pleso, which is the upper station and also the interchange station for those who want to travel to Lomnické sedlo (saddle).  

Lomnické sedlo is accessible for tourists only in summer, one can get from Skalnaté Pleso to Lomnické sedlo only together with a mountain guide along a tourist trail or by a chairlift. From Lomnické sedlo, a comfortable green-marked tourist trail runs to Mt Veľká Lomnická veža (2,215 m a.s.l.), a stunning outlook spot and the highest peak of Lomnický hrebeň (ridge), which can be visited also by families with children thanks to the comfortable chairlift. And once you are there, don’t forget to stop at the place where the mountain cottage of the main protagonists of the cult Slovak films – Copper Tower and Eagle Feather used to stand. If you are lucky, you might catch sight of marmots on the meadows because this is their home.  

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If you look from Mt Veľká Lomnická veža to the east, you will see a smooth slope where the most attractive and steepest black piste in Slovakia is in winter. The view of Popradská kotlina (basin) is perfect from there and even the peaks of the Slovenské Rudohorie Mts. can be observed. Steep and rocky slopes in the west descend to Malá Studená dolina (valley), which is bounded by jagged Prostredný hrebeň (ridge) on the other side. Mt Slavkovský štít with the typical round summit silhouette shows all its beauty when looking from Lomnické sedlo. 


Experiencing the Tatras on holidays

#one week is not enough

The summer in the High Tatras offers beautiful panoramic views combined with fresh mountain air and unforgettable adventures. Spend your summer holiday in the stunning embrace of the smallest high mountains of the world, in the heart of Europe. Breathtaking views and summits are accessible thanks to comfortable cable cars in individual resorts. And in addition to the views, the High Tatras promise a variety of adventures and experiences that you will need more than one week to enjoy. Begin your holiday in the High Tatras by booking one of our Grandhotels or the FIS mountain hotel in Štrbské Pleso and get a free cable car ticket for each member of your family per day at the hotel.

And once you have booked accommodation, it´s time to plan your mountain adventures for summer.


Navigácia do strediska Tatranská Lomnica

Dopravte sa pohodlne autom do strediska Tatranská Lomnica, odkiaľ vás vyvezie 4-miestna kabínková lanovka na medzistanicu štart a odtiaľ 15-miestna moderná gondola na Skalnaté pleso.